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From the Nominating Committee


TO:  All I-LYA Member Clubs and Membership

FROM: The 2016 I-LYA Nominating Committee

RE:  Call for Rear Commodore and Trustee Nominations


The Nominating Committee is actively soliciting letters of interest from qualified potential candidates.  Please contact any member of the Nominating Committee with your notification of interest and submit a letter before July 1, 2016.  Include a brief bio  documenting your club and I-LYA related activities, and contact information.  Interviews will be conducted where necessary to help assess candidate potential. 

The Committee will present a recommended Slate of Candidates to the I-LYA Board of Trustees no later than September 1st including one candidate for Commodore, one candidate for Vice-Commodore, two candidates for Rear-Commodore and six candidates for Trustee (three to be elected).

The term of office of the Commodore, Vice-Commodore and Rear Commodore shall be one year.  Three Trustees shall be elected each year for terms of 3 years and serve no more than two consecutive terms. 

Thank you for your consideration in supporting Inter-Lake Yachting Association.

Your 2016 Nominating Committee,

P/C Doug Hogan (SBC)  231-585-6711  Dopeho3(at)gmail(dot)com   (Chairman)

P/C Jack Attkisson (PIBYC) 440-458-1459   jattkisson(at)oh(dot)rr(dot)com

P/C Duane Burgoyne (NCYC)  419-280-6102    duaneburgoyne(at)yahoo(dot)com  

Tracey Davis (BLYC)  614-446-0131  mtmdavis(at)gmai(dot)com

Pam Myers (CCYC)  419-283-4274  pamela.myers(at)o-i(dot)com




2016 I-LYA Dates

Junior Bay Week
July 17-21

Sail Regatta
August 4-7
Powerboat Week
August 10-14
Fall Meeting
December 2-3
Holiday Inn - Perrysburg, Ohio



for future dates

Chris Amlin

Sun Parlour Boat Club

Vice Commodore
Andy Krotseng

Edgewater Yacht Club

Rear Commodore
Mike Powers

Monore Boat Club

Supporting & Host Club Sponsor

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